Banking Law

Banking Law

Transactions with banks are daily and the risks from contractual obligations are significant. Every bank client needs the advice of a lawyer regarding the obligations that he will undertake or that he has already undertaken towards the bank.

Banking law has emerged during the last decades, both internationally and in Greece, in an autonomous sector with elements of both civil and commercial, as well as economic and public law.

Banking law therefore regulates not only the relationship between the financier and the recipient of the financing, but also any transaction-financial transaction contract mediated by a bank.

Our Law Firm, active in the banking sector for a number of decades, provides advice on financial matters, leasing, loans, indemnities, guarantees - security, business transactions, undertaking with professional conscience:

Suspensions against Payment Orders from bank contracts Compensation lawsuits against banks Negative Identification Lawsuits Over-indebted L.3869 / 2010 (Compilation of Application - Judgment) Leasing - financial leasing Investment agreements - investments mediated by a bank Consumer and business loans Tips for drafting or interpreting a contract and obligations