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  • Law of Enforcement

    Private law determines the conditions under which property claims are created, exercised and eliminated. But the debtor often fails to fulfill his obligation under private law to his creditor. In this case, however, the lender has no right to sue. Read more +
  • Car accidents

    Road accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence, despite the protective measures imposed, which often even results in the death of the people involved. A car accident can additionally have devastating consequences for the victim as it can result in both death and leave the victim with chronic bodily injury or disability.Read more +
  • Privacy

    The new European General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and Law 4624/2019 establish a single legal framework for the protection of personal data in all EU Member States. This legal framework applies to all bodies ( private and public companies, public authorities, associations, hotels, etc.) that manage, process, store and circulate personal data, whether or not based in a European Union country, if the data concerns European citizens or relates to any kind of services and goods to European citizens. Read more +
  • Mediation

    Mediation is an out-of-court settlement of disputes. It has been operating abroad successfully for decades and contributes substantially and decisively to the rapid out-of-court settlement of civil and commercial cases. In Greece, according to Law 3898/2010, Mediation means the structured procedure regardless of the name, in which two or more parties to a dispute voluntarily attempt to resolve this dispute by agreement with the assistance of an Ombudsman. Read more +
  • Family Law

    Family Law, as a special branch of private civil law, is a set of legal rules that regulate family relationships, ie relationships that are formed and developed within the family, in addition to inheritance laws that are specifically regulated by the provisions of inheritance law. Read more +
  • Inheritance law

    When a person dies, many issues arise regarding his / her belongings (real estate, money, deposits), while his / her relatives have to go through all the necessary legal procedures. Therefore, the need for legal assistance and clarification of the distribution of assets and other property rights acquired by the deceased during his lifetime, among the heirs, inevitably arises. Read more +
  • Real Estate & Property Law

    Property law is the set of rules of private law that regulate real rights, that is, the legal relations of persons to things. When the law does not leave the financial goods to the free use and disposal of everyone, starting from the institution of property, it must be regulated which financial goods can belong to the persons and what powers the person can have over them.Read more +
  • Banking Law

    Transactions with banks are daily and the risks from contractual obligations are significant. Every bank client needs the advice of a lawyer regarding the obligations that he will undertake or that he has already undertaken towards the bank. Banking law has emerged during the last decades, both internationally and in Greece, in an autonomous sector with elements of both civil and commercial, as well as economic and public law.Read more +
  • Criminal law

    Criminal law is one of the most vibrant branches of law. Its object is crime as a phenomenon of social life, inextricably linked to human passions, tensions and insurmountable dilemmas. It highlights the concepts of grace and the importance of individual freedoms, preserving the value of man and the principles of the Rule of Law. Read more +
  • Civil law

    Civil Law is perhaps the branch of Law with the highest frequency of occurrence in daily transactions. It encompasses all those rules of law that regulate and standardize the daily life relations of privacy and private transactions within a State.Read more +
  • Commercial law

    Commercial law is that part of private law which contains the special rules governing commercial life relations. Essentially, commercial law is the law that governs the operation and relationships that develop in trade. The concept of trade has two dimensions: an economic one and a legal one.Read more +
  • Public right

    Public Law means all the rules that govern the organization and operation of the State, the N.P.D.D. exercising state power, as well as state-citizen relations, where the State functions as a body of state power. Public law is divided into three branches: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and European Law.Read more +
  • Intellectual & Industrial Property Law

    Intellectual Property is a type of right over intangible property which belongs to the broader category of rights that protect the works of the human intellect and is more commonly known as Intellectual Property Rights. Read more +